Horizontal Packed Bed Fume Scrubber

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Of particular use when multiple stage scrubbing is required or when headroom is limited the horizontal scrubber has the further advantage of minimising pressure drop.

Gas enters via a flanged inlet connection to be cooled and saturated by liquor (recycle) from the front bed sprays. These have the dual purpose of removing dust, cooling the gas and maintaining the front face of the bed free from solids. The gas then passes horizontally through one or more series of packed beds, which are irrigated from above. Thus the gas can be washed with chemically different liquids if required.

Disentrainment of liquor is achieved by passing the gas through a dry section of packing prior to exiting via the stack/fan in a clean but saturated condition. The base of the unit forms an integral recycle tank. The dimensions can be varied to suit individual space limitations.

A typical application of the horizontal scrubber is the 2 stage control of odours from by-product or food processing units. In many cases acid/alkali scrubbing is followed by oxidation or simple water washing to achieve the desired outlet concentrations.

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Why Construct from Plastic?

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The main advantages of plastics are their resistance to corrosion and chemical attack along with their favourable price comparison to stainless steel or coated mild steel. Over forty years experience in the engineering and fabrication of plastics enables APMG to specify with confidence the right material for each particular application.

Materials of construction include:

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) - Polypropylene - PVDF - ECTFE - CPVC - GRP reinforcement as required