Fume Cupboard Fume Scrubber

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APMG have developed a rear-mounted fume-cupboard scrubber to accompany their extensive product portfolio. Fume exhaust scrubber efficiency measurements concluded that the fume-scrubbing efficiency exceeded 99.8% when tested across a range of contaminant gas concentrations exceeding those encountered in normal fume cupboard operation. As the only fume-cupboard-scrubber on the market that has been independently tested by MCERTS accredited personnel, this fume scrubber provides a reliable and efficient fume scrubbing solution.

Boasting co-current and counter-current flow technology, the fume-scrubber has an unrivalled packing depth of 2.5 metres whilst maintaining a compact unit size. The fume-scrubber fits neatly behind and beneath the fume-cupboard, which allows for greater lab space utilisation along with speedier and easier installation when compared with existing packed bed scrubber designs. The fume scrubber has integral recirculating pipework and reservoir combined with inbuilt droplet separation prior to discharge, and an automatic dosing option is offered. With removable access panels, the fume-scrubber is easily serviced and maintained, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

As the unit is constructed from corrosion resistant plastic materials (polypropylene and PVC), the fume-cupboard can remain fully operational within aggressive chemical environments.

Superior efficiency and dependability make this fume-scrubber ideal for a wide array of applications including chemical, mineral and metal analysis and inspection. Product reliability is already proven with a number of units currently serving fume cupboards used on a 24 hour cycle with extensive exposure to strong acids.

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Why Construct from Plastic?

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The main advantages of plastics are their resistance to corrosion and chemical attack along with their favourable price comparison to stainless steel or coated mild steel. Over forty years experience in the engineering and fabrication of plastics enables APMG to specify with confidence the right material for each particular application.

Materials of construction include:

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) - Polypropylene - PVDF - ECTFE - CPVC - GRP reinforcement as required