School Laboratory Furniture

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Science Laboratories, Food Technology, IT/Computing, Art, Electronics, Multi-Materials...

APMG is one of the UK's leading specialist manufacturers of science laboratory furniture. We also offer fitted furniture for food technology, IT, CDT, art and electronics. Please contact usfor advice and to take advantage of our free layout design service.

Science Laboratories - We offer a wide range of furniture systems: Serviced pedestals, Fixed benches, Table based benches, Perimeter furniture, Octagonal system, Teachers' desks, Curricula furniture system, Labkit furniture system, Bespoke furniture designs, Preparation rooms, School fume cupboards.

Food Technology - Fitted furniture for kitchen areas manufactured in tough, high quality materials

IT/Computing - Attractive furniture designs for IT rooms.

Art - Fitted furniture provides storage, sinks, large tables.

Electronics - Work benches with built-in electrical services.

Multi-Materials - Perimeter furniture and island workbenches.

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Fixed Bench System

Fixed benches are a more traditional (but still very popular) method of furnishing science laboratories. They combine a work area with water, electrical and gas outlets, supported on under-bench storage cupboards.

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Serviced Pedestal System

Serviced Pedestal System

A combination of fixed serviced pedestals and loose tables provides the most flexible laboratory layout. Tables can be quickly arranged into forward facing rows for teaching, or grouped around the pedestal for practical work.

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Teachers Desk

Teachers Desks

APMG Demonstration desks give science teachers an ideal working environment. These desks provide teachers with a large worktop area and their own water/gas/electrical services and storage. If sufficient space is left around the front and sides of the desk then students can gather around for practical demonstrations.

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