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Wall Shelving

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Spur shelving is a economical way to increase storage capacity. Standard shelf depths are 250, 300, 350 and 500mm, with 300mm being the most common size. Uprights are normally spaced every 700mm.

The shelves are manufactured from 20mm thick Laminated MDF, 16mm thick Trespa (where chemical resistance is required) or 18mm thick Melamine faced MDF.

The optional 'Hang Track' system allows the shelves to be hung from a horizontal rail. The horizontal rail is often installed throughout the lab to allow the shelving to be repositioned without drilling into the walls.

Walls must be strong enough to support wall shelving. Where new partition walls are being built they should be ply-lined in the areas where shelving is to be fitted.

Shelving is usually supplied as part of a larger laboratory furniture package. APMG manufacture the shelves and carryout installation. If you are just looking for the uprights and brackets you may wish to contact a shelving wholesaler.

Reagent Shelves

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Above worktop shelving on island and peninsula benches provides additional storage for reagents and other equipment. APMG offers a number of standard and bespoke designs, including a flexible design that allows both height adjustment and removal of the shelves.

Power and data sockets can be mounted on the face of a vertical or horizontal services box. Water and gas services can be run within the services box with pendant type outlets below. Incorporating the service outlets within the reagent shelving allows an uninterrupted worktop area.

The shelves are normally manufactured from Trespa solid grade laminate where chemical resistance is required. Laminate faced MDF may also be used where a lower cost solution is required.

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