Omega Trespa System

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Cupboards manufactured from Trespa Solid Grade Laminate - Extremely strong and durable - Impervious to water ingress and all common cleaning products

APMG offers the option of manufacturing complete cupboards units from Trespa. There are 2 main reasons for specifying Trespa cupboards: 1. Extreme robustness; 2. Ease of cleaning.

Trespa is a very tough material and is very resistant to surface scratches and indentation. Trespa cupboards are sometimes specified for areas where there is an increased risk of vandalism such as pupil referral units.

Trespa is impervious to water and unaffected by detergents, disinfectants and organic solvents. It is an ideal material for areas where intensive cleaning is regularly carried out such as clean rooms.

This is a very dense material and therefore solid Trespa cupboards are very heavy. Careful consideration must be given to access for deliveries. Trespa is also much more expensive than alternatives such as laminated MDF.

Trespa doors and drawer fronts can also be offered on our standard range of cupboard units.

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