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APMG has been designing and manufacturing quality laboratory furniture for over 60 years. We enjoy it and we're good at it. The two are connected.

Our skilled craftsmen work with the latest machinery and high quality materials to create laboratories that are comfortable, practical, robust and long lasting. We have installed our furniture at many of the country's leading universities, hospitals, research institutions and commercial laboratories.

Universities - We supply and install laboratory furniture for a number of University disciplines including: Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Medical Schools, Pharmacy, Biology, Biotechnology, Dentistry, Environmental Science and Oceanology.

Commercial Laboratories - Our range of Omega laboratory furniture is ideal for applications such as research and development and quality control.

Hospitals - Our laboratory furniture is used in Pathology, Pharmacy and Medical schools.

APMG offer a free laboratory/layout design service. Please contact us to discuss the best furniture type and layout for your laboratory.

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APMG Benching Systems

Benching Systems

APMG offer a wide range of benching systems tailored to the end users specific requirements. Our Omega & Sigma ranges are sub-categorised into the Pedestal, Cantilever, Moveable and Suspended systems. For more information please visit the link below.

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Serviced Pedestal System


APMG offers a number of standard and bespoke shelving designs, including a flexible design that allows both height adjustment and removal of the shelves. Both Wall Shelving & Reagent Shelving are available. For more information please visit the link below.

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IPS Unit

IPS Units

APMG’s range of IPS (Integrated Plumbing System) Units are durable, adaptable and provide a cost effective solution for projects across many industries. Available in a variety of materials, colours and finishes, APMG can provide a fully assembled IPS unit with all fixings required for a quick and simple installation.

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