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Fume Cupboards


APMG's advanced range of fume cupboards is the result of many years of development. Sound engineering and aerodynamic principles have resulted in a unit with smooth airflow into the fume chamber and efficient purging of fumes at all sash openings.

Airform Range (BS 7258 / EN 14175) - Design features - Fume Cupboards for Hazardous materials - Bespoke Fume Cupboard Designs - School Fume Cupboards - Special Needs Fume Cupboard - Fume Cupboard Testing and Maintenance

Optimum fume cupboard performance relies on correct design of a suitable fume extraction system. We design and manufacture fume extraction systems in PVC or polypropylene, incorporating a range of centrifugal fans, to comply fully with the latest standards. APMG's ability to a offer a complete system means that the project is coordinated from a single source and there is a clear line of responsibility.