Walk-In Fume Cupboard

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The Walk-in fume cupboard is designed for use with large equipment.

Standard widths, External/Internal (mm): 1200/950, 1500/1250, 1800/1550, 2000/1750. External Depth 990mm, Internal Depth 650mm.

Height: 2380mm (+optional infill panel)

Internal Chamber height 2150mm - Bunded floor level worktop - Adjustable spring loaded PVC sash guides for smooth movement - Bypass feature to reduce face velocities when sash is lowered - 6mm thick toughened glass - Removable two piece baffle for cleaning - Sash cords and weights accessible for routine inspections - Optional Variable Air Volume control system for energy efficiency - Optional motorised sash - 3 piece removable baffle for cleaning - Two independent sashes - Low profile sill for easy trolley access

APMG can also supply a wide range of mobile lab tables that can be wheeled into the walk-in fume cupboard.