Special Needs Fume Cupboard

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Electronically controlled adjustable height worktop

Electronically controlled automatic sash

APMG has developed a fume cupboard for use by people with special needs. Based on the proven Airform walk-in design, the fume cupboard comprises an adjustable height working level and automatic sash. The working level is adjustable between 700 and 900mm high and can be raised or lowered electronically with one-touch control. The sash is also electronically operated.

A movement sensor can be added which automatically lowers the sash when no movement has be detected in a user selectable time frame (1 to 5 mins). If movement is detected the sash remains in position unless manually adjusted using the up and down controls. If no movement is detected over the time frame then the sash will automatically move to the lowered position.

The worktop can be fitted with our standard range of fume cupboard sinks and drip cups.