Airform Fume Cupboard

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The Airform range of robustly built, fully featured fume cupboards provides a reliable and safe working environment. The Airform range has been independently tested to the European Fume Cupboard standard EN 14175 (Part 3: Type test methods). EN14175 supersedes the BS7258 standard which the Airform range also meets.

Airform standard widths, External/Internal (mm): 1200/950, 1500/1250, 1800/1550, 2000/1750.

Depth, External/Internal (mm): 990/650

Height: 2380mm (+optional infill panel)

Bench Mounted standard features:

Internal Chamber height of 1300mm - Adjustable spring loaded PVC sash guides for smooth movement - Bypass feature to reduce face velocities when sash is lowered - 6mm thick toughened glass sash - Removable two piece baffle for cleaning - Sash cords and weights accessible for routine inspections - 316 Grade Stainless steel hinged cill - Mechanical sash height control set to 500mm - 4 power sockets as standard - Metal or MDF Under-bench storage cupboards - Control Panel with digital airflow read out, visible and audible low air flow alarm - Solid Grade Laminate lining (Trespa) - Cast Epoxy worktop with integral bund - Water and gas outlets by Watersaver, Brownall or Broen.


Alternative liner materials: Polypropylene, Cast Epoxy, Stainless Steel

Alternative worktop materials: Polypropylene, Trespa Toplab, Stainless Steel

Polycarbonate Sash

Rear mounted fume scrubber

Removable matching infill panels to ceiling height to hide ductwork connection

Variable Air Volume control system for energy efficiency

Motorised sash

We also offer a Distillation fume cupboard with a 1735mm tall chamber